A mobile client for HomeSeer

New report

If you run into an issue with the HSBuddy app on your phone or tablet, you can submit a bug report using the Feedback feature within the app. By default, you can submit a new report by shaking your device. You can also submit a bug report manually by tapping on the button at the top of the Feedback section of the app.


In the screen that shows next, please enter your email address and a detailed description of what went wrong. Any information you provide helps with the investigation of the issue. Once you are done, hit the send button (paper plane icon at the top-right corner) and you’re done! Thank you in advance for taking time to submit this information.

Feedback settings

To change feedback settings for the app, you can go to the Feedback section. In this screen you will be presented with options for new bug reports


Send on shake

Enabled by default

When enabled, you will be able to create a new bug report by shaking your device from any location within the app.

Submit application logs

Enabled by default

When enabled, the bug report will include internal application logs from your recent interaction with the app. This information may be helpful to determine the actual cause of the issue you’ve experienced.

Include debug information

Disabled by default

When enabled, the application logs will include debug information. This is normally only required during an active investigation. If during the course of an investigation you turn this option on, remember to come back and disable it afterwards to avoid impacting the performance of the app.

Submit anonymous usage data

Enabled by default

When enabled, the app will submit anonymous information that will help understand better how are users interacting with the app. This information is extremely useful to make the application better over time. This information can never be traced back to any individual user, and is only analyzed in aggregate across all users of the app.