A mobile client for HomeSeer

Interacting with Devices

Devices screenshot

Select the Devices option in the side-menu and you will be taken to a section that allows you to interact with the devices setup on your HomeSeer server.

This view will show the devices configured in the server along with their location, status icon (and optionally status text), battery status, etc. You can tap on each device to go into the Device Details view.

Device controls

⚠ in progress ⚠

Device Details

Device details screenshot

When you tap on any device in the Devices view you will be taken to a detailed view of the device which will include information about its status. Here you will also see the controls for the device which are exposed by the server. Currently the following control types are supported:

In this view you can also configure some options for each device, including:

Device history

⚠ in progress ⚠

Device Settings

Device settings screenshot

In the Settings tab of the Devices section you can configure how the devices are displayed in HSBuddy. Some of the settings available include: