A mobile client for HomeSeer

Monitoring Cameras

Select the Cameras option in the side-menu and you will be taken to a section that allows you to view images captured from one or more cameras configured on your server.

Cameras screenshot

You can access HomeSeer built-in cameras without installing HSBuddy. However, to access cameras enabled via custom plug-ins requires installing the HSBuddy plugin on your HomeSeer server, as detailed in the Installing HSBuddy section.

If you tap in any of the camera images, you will be taken to a full-screen view of the camera which will be constantly refreshing the image. While on full-screen you can enable or disable the automatic refresh using the toggle on the right side of the top bar which shows every time you tap on the image.

Fullscreen camera screenshot

The first time you go into the Cameras section you will be presented with the camera settings page. By default, the Show cameras option is disabled. You need to be using a direct connection to your server and to have the HSBuddy plugin installed to enable this option. For more information see the Server Configuration section.

HSBuddy supports monitoring cameras configured in your server using any of the following plugins:

When using HSTouch Server, only cameras configured manually are supported. Auto-detected cameras will not show up in HSBuddy.

In the Settings page you can select which of these sources to read from as well as whether to automatically refresh the camera images and the refresh interval (1, 3 and 5 seconds).

Cameras settings screenshot