A mobile client for HomeSeer

HSBuddy lets you require entering a PIN in order to access certain areas of the app, or control certain devices and events. You can decide what functionality of the app remains available without a PIN. This is useful for devices that are always unlocked, such as a wall-mounted tablet.

Setting it up

After installing the latest version of the HSBuddy application on your mobile device, go to the Options section and select Application Lock. From this screen, you can enable or disable the lock with the toggle at the top.

Create a new PIN

When you enable the feature, you will be asked to enter a new PIN. You will need to remember this PIN if you want to later disable the feature or change the PIN. If you forget to PIN, there is no way to recover it. If that were to happen, you will need to reset all the app settings. More on that further down: Reset the PIN

PIN values must be made up of 4 - 8 numbers.

Changing your PIN

You can set a new PIN by tapping on the Change PIN option. You will need first to enter your existing PIN and then enter the new PIN value.

Automatic lock activation

When a PIN lock is set, HSBuddy will start up locked by default when the app is launched for the first time. You can set additional conditions under which HSBuddy will automatically enable the application lock, including:

Protected sections

When the application lock is activated, HSBuddy will disable access to certain areas of the app.

The following sections will always be protected:

You can choose whether to protect the following sections (enabled by default):

The following sections of the app will always be available when the lock is activated:

Advanced settings and functions within Dashboards, Devices, Events and Cameras will automatically be disabled when the lock is active even. For example, you cannot add or remove Dashboards, or change individual device settings unless the app is unlocked.

Locking and unlocking the app

You can activate or deactivate the app lock by doing the following:

Icon Description
unlocked The app is unlocked. Tap to lock.
locked The app is locked. Tap to unlock.

Protecting devices and events

You can select to protect individual devices and events such that they cannot be controlled unless the application is unlocked, or the user enters a PIN.

Using this feature, you can safely protect devices and events that are accessible even when the app is locked, for example, if they are part of a Dashboard.

To require a PIN for a device or event, first unlock the app and then go to the Device Details or Event Details section for the device or event you want to protect. Then, from the Settings section at the bottom, enable the toggle that reads Require PIN to Control.

Reset the PIN

If you forget your PIN, the only way to reset it is by deleting the application settings and entering your configuration again. Depending on your mobile device OS you can do one of the following: