A mobile client for HomeSeer


What is it

HSBuddy is a companion experience for your HomeSeer home automation system. HSBuddy lets you control devices, control automation, monitor your home cameras and much more, from your phone or tablet. It presents a simple, familiar and intuitive interface.

How to get it

Get the HSBuddy application from the App Store and the Play Store.

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store
Get it from the Amazon Appstore

How does it work

HSBuddy has two components that work together. There is a server plug-in that runs within your HomeSeer controller. This plug-in extends the functionality of your controller, making features like cameras, push notifications, and geo-fencing available to the application.

The other part of HSBuddy is the mobile application which you install in your phone or tablet. The application communicates directly with the plug-in running in your controller and puts the features of your home automation system at your fingertips.


To get more information about HSBuddy, please explore the following resources: